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Resonant Wireless Power

Hassle-Free Power

Wireless power provides the ability to transfer power without wires or cords, offering an exceptional and simple solution for charging mobile phone, tablet, laptop and other electronic devices. While wireless power is not new, the “next generation” products are now available in the marketplace. Featuring resonant technology, today’s wireless power is a simple solution to the growing demand for drop and go charging, with broader uses and fewer limitations than previous generations.

  • Drop and go charging: Simple and convenient, just place on the charging surface.
  • Multi-device flexibility: Allows users to charge multiple devices in the same charging area at the same time.
  • Scalable smart power: Charging devices with different power requirements and different power states on the same area at the same time.
  • Freedom of placement: Place device anywhere on the charging field.
  • Safety: Does not heat nearby metal objects and can charge in their presence.


Can I charge more than one device at the same time? Yes, resonant wireless power offers up to 3 times more wattage than previous products. With resonant technology, users are able to charge multiple devices, with varying power requirements, at the same time. 16 watts of deliverable power is enough to charge multiple devices with varying power requirements, including any phone or tablet on the market, and power an enabled laptop.

Can resonant technology be used on any surface? Transmittal of power through solid, non-metal surfaces with ample charging surface area. The installation is discreet and clean, with no extra drilling of holes in tables. The field can be generated through any non-metallic surface up to 1 ½” thick. (wood, MDF, plastic, glass, granite, marble, Corian)

How big is the charging surface? The charging area is approximately 6” x 5” and can accommodate multiple devices.

Is it safe? Resonant wireless power technology has completed stringent safety testing and obtained certifications to become today’s only FCC, IC and CE approved solution.

Why do you need a key adapter? Similar to the introduction of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, an accessory/key attaches to devices through the micro-USB or Apple Lightning port to facilitate wireless power charging of devices. Conceptually, future devices will have the chip-based functionality to be integrated in smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearables, portable speakers, etc.

Why would a brand/business want resonant wireless power capabilities? In today’s competitive environment, many brands are looking to add wireless power capabilities to enhance consumers/guests/fans brand experience. Companies adding this convenience and service will be identified as innovators for providing access to power devices.

Is there a software component to the resonant wireless power hardware? Yes, there is a software can be integrated into the hardware that monitors user activity and the power charging experience. Brands have the option to integrate this capability within their brand app offering access to wireless power, push promotions from geographically-placed charging areas and other strategic brand-driven initiatives.